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Vaishanavite Temples

Sarangapani Temple


The Biggest temple in this city is that of Sarangapani which rises up to 150pt. With 9 tiers. The Bows held by Vishnu in different aspects carry different names. There is a bow called Sarangam and the Lord who wields it is called Sarangapani, Who is housed here. Of the 108 Divya-desas, the most important is Thiruvarangam. Next comes Tirumalai and the third is this sthala.

The temple ia a very beautiful one with four circuits. At the back is the Golden Holy Tank. Andal, Tirumal came with his Sarangam and married her. It is believed that the stage built this temple for that Sarangapani and in the month Thai, his wedding festival is conducted in grade scale.

The tank is doubly sacred. It gave birth to the goddess and when the nectar fell into this tank. In TamilNadu Temple cars are famous. Out of them the most famous are those of Thiruvarur, Thiruvidaimaruthur and this temple. The car of this temple is very big and cannot easily be drawn. After 1933, the car festival has not taken place. Only a small car is drawn in Chitrai. Only now in 2007 again the car festival took place.

Chakrapani Temple

Chakrapani coil near the river Cauvery. Next to Sarangapani temple this is the biggest Vaishnavite temple. Chakrapani is the weapon (Discus) wielded by Vishnu. Chakra (The Wheel) is a very sacres one to Hindus. The Vedas declare that the immeasurable universe is a wheel. The Pralaya (deluge) is the uprising in fury of the waters that assume the shape of a wheel, because of its churning. Its was called jalormi Chakram. Vishnu wields the Chakra to uphold righteousness. What other symbol can signify the Supreme being better than the wheel which has no beginning or end.

Ramaswamy Temple

The Sri Ramaswamy temple, Kumbakonam, is one of the loveliest temples to be seen in the Cauvery delta region. Built by Vijaya Raghunatha Naik in 1620, the temple is compact in a spacious way.

The amazing thing is that the sanctum sanctorum has these huge stone images of Rama, Sita, and Rama's brothers all in the same pose as in Tyagaraja's idols. Said to be in the Pattabhishekam or coronation pose, the images are really of a stunning grace. Lakshmana is said to be holding Rama's bow. Anjaneya is seated in front, in the veenadhari pose, with the Ramayana in His left hand, singing to His beloved Lord.

The walls surrounding the temple contain the most splendid murals on the entire story of the Ramayana, in panels. The front portion of the temple, and the yard, contain very graceful granite sculptures of the Naik kings of Thanjavur, and Gods. Sixty-two pillars convey all this grace to the spellbound viewer. Situated in the centre of the town, yet not often visited, Ramaswamy temple is an art lover's delight besides inspiring devotion.

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